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Who was at fault for your intersection crash?

When we drive through an intersection, we place our lives and safety in the hands of other drivers. We trust they will obey the traffic signs and come to a stop. We trust them to know when it is safe to proceed at a reasonable speed. We trust them to be paying full attention to the traffic around them.

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    Unfortunately, some drivers don't respect the rules of the road. As a result, T-bone accidents, also known as broadside accidents, often occur at intersections. As the name of these accidents implies, T-bone collisions occur when one driver crashes head-on into the side of another vehicle.

    If you were injured or lost a loved one in a T-bone accident in Central Florida, call the Law Offices of Brent C. Miller, P.A. Over the past 25 years, our firm has helped individuals and families injured in auto accidents obtain millions of dollars in compensation through insurance settlements and jury verdicts. Don't talk to an insurance adjuster until you talk to us.

    Common causes

    T-bone accidents at intersections happen all the time throughout Central Florida. That's why they're among the most common - and most serious - types of car accidents in the state.

    Drivers failing to pay attention because of texting or talking on cellphones are a common reason why. Speeding drivers running a red light are another common cause. But even at low speeds, a T-bone accident can result in severe injuries. Cars often don't have side-impact air bags and seat belts do little to protect passengers getting struck from the side.

    No matter how or where your T-bone accident occurred in Central Florida, it's important for you to have an experienced lawyer on your side. Call or email us to arrange a free case evaluation and consultation about your options.

    Internal injuries can cause lifelong damage

    Don't settle for a quick lowball offer from the insurance company. In addition to the serious injuries to bones, muscles, soft tissue and the head that T-bone accidents can cause, internal organ damage is a frequent result. The sudden impact to the side of the body can require surgery to repair key organs. Long after the bruises heal, T-bone accident victims frequently require continued medical care, including surgery and physical therapy.

    You won't know the full extent of your injuries until your doctor has declared that you have reached maximum medical recovery. A quick settlement check from the insurance company may seem like enough, but you could be giving up your right to get the full and fair amount you will need for a lifetime of medical care related to your T-bone accident.

    Our accident attorneys are available at four convenient Central Florida offices to serve you better. Contact us to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our experienced accident attorneys. If your injuries prevent you from visiting us, we will make arrangements to meet with you in your home or hospital room.

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