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Why you should hire an attorney for your high-speed crash

Florida's highways can often be congested and tricky to travel on, especially during peak times of the day. This is especially true with the Florida Turnpike and Interstate 75 in our part of Central Florida. And with so many vehicles on the same highways at the same time, auto accidents inevitably occur.

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    Florida interstate accidents are among the most common types of car accidents. They're also some of the most serious crashes, often resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. That's why it's critical that you talk to an attorney as soon as possible at our Central Florida law firm.

    Our experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Brent C. Miller, P.A. can guide you through the complex legal process injury victims routinely need to navigate after a serious interstate accident. Whether you are a Central Florida resident or a snowbird, our legal professionals have you covered. We know what evidence to look for and how to build a rock-solid case. Allow an accident attorney at our firm to handle your interstate accidents.

    Causes of interstate accidents

    There are numerous kinds/types of interstate accidents that occur each day. The following list describes the most common factors that contribute to interstate accidents.


    We understand that driving on the highway allows for greater speed. Even so, Florida limits speed on the highway to prevent accidents and injuries. When people fail to follow the speed limit, whether they drive too slowly or too quickly, they place themselves and others at a serious risk. It is best to adhere to the speed guidelines.


    Distractions are the most common causes of accidents. Talking on the phone, texting, eating and other types of behavior can affect a driver's ability to focus carefully on the road. Many people believe that they can safely manage driving while engaging in other activities, but the truth is that no one can. It may seem that such behaviors are manageable, but most crashes are the result of drivers who are distracted. Because they multitask, they are unable to practice proper defensive driving techniques. Their reaction time in hitting the brakes or making a sudden defensive maneuver with their vehicles can be reduced. If you have been involved in a car accident because of distractions on the road, you should contact an experienced car accident lawyer.

    Entrance and exit ramps

    Freeway entrances and exits are becoming infamous areas for crashes. While merging on or off the highway, drivers must be careful of their surroundings. Many times, these on-ramps and off-ramps can be narrow, allowing drivers to experience difficulty navigating the road. Or, they may be crowded with cars, and such traffic may make drivers drive too closely to each other. If you've been injured in an accident on an entrance or exit ramp, a lawyer can help.

    Work sites

    Lastly, work sites can present clear and persistent dangers to drivers on the highway. Construction sites often cause distractions and can make it difficult for drivers to maneuver around mandatory work zones materials, such as large cones. If you have been injured in an accident because of a construction site, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer.

    Common interstate injuries

    Injuries on the highway vary. The type, scope and severity of such injuries are often contingent upon the impact of the accident, the level of the crash and other factors. The most common interstate injuries are listed below:

    • Head and spine injuries
    • Chest injuries
    • Arm and leg injuries
    • Soft tissue injuries
    • Scrapes and cuts

    Often, it is difficult to detect bodily damage after a car accident. Because of the speed levels that are allowed on the highway, drivers/passengers often experience greater trauma and force when they crash. This type of sudden hit can often result in long-term injuries that are not noticeable or painful until weeks, even months, after an interstate accident occurs. Therefore, drivers involved in an interstate car accident should always seek medical attention immediately following an accident.

    Tips for driving safely on Florida interstates

    The key to avoiding accidents and injuries on Florida interstates is to drive safely. One should always:

    • Adhere to basic traffic protocols, rules and speed limits.
    • Take breaks off the road or at rest stops when experiencing tiredness and fatigue.
    • Get an adequate amount of rest before traveling on the highway.
    • Research and memorize the directions to your destination beforehand (and/or allow a passenger to help you navigate the road).
    • Practice defensive driving techniques.
    • Be watchful and observant.
    • Avoid texting, eating and talking on the phone.
    • Keep your eyes on the road.
    • Always remember to warn other drivers on the road of your intended moves with enough time for them to see and react.

    By following these basic safety tips while on Florida interstates, you can protect yourself and ensure the well-being and safety of other drivers as well.

    The benefits of having a lawyer on your side

    An injury lawyer is imperative in Florida interstate accident cases. Because of high speeds and turns, accidents that occur on Florida interstates are often much more dangerous, thereby contributing to harsher injuries and greater damages. If someone is at fault for your accident, or if negligence occurred on the road, you will need a powerful accident lawyer to represent you.

    Legal representation is necessary to ensure that your insurance provider covers you; your personal injury claim is successful; and you receive the necessary funds and reimbursement to afford the cost of lost wages, training and rehabilitation programs, medical expenses and even wrongful deaths.

    Don't underestimate the complexity of your interstate accident. Make sure you take your case seriously right from the start. Contact our law firm today for a free initial consultation if you have been involved in a car accident on a Florida highway. Our Central Florida accident attorneys proudly serve drivers all over the world who have been injured on Florida interstates.

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