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How to Read Your Florida Car Accident Report

A lot is at stake after you’ve been injured in a car accident. You’re faced with medical bills, lost wages, and damage to your car. In addition, you’re dealing with pain and suffering. The insurance company representing the at-fault driver will likely take advantage of your situation and do everything in its power to reduce your compensation.

It’s critical that you speak to an experienced Florida car accident attorney who can help you build a strong case against the at-fault driver and their insurance company. One way the attorneys at The Law Offices of Brent C. Miller, P.A. work to build strong cases is by getting a copy of the official car accident report that is documented by police. When police arrive at the scene of the crash, they fill out an initial report, and later document the details in an official report. You can get a copy of your official car accident report for a fee of $10 per copy from Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or the nearest police station.

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    We urge you to thoroughly read over your official car accident report and make sure any errors are brought to the attention of our attorneys. We can work to get them fixed for you. Below, we have outlined a comprehensive guide to reading and understanding your car accident report. For help with your claim, contact our Tavares law office online or call us at (352) 343-7400.

    What you will find on your Florida car accident report

    Page 1

    Florida Accident Report page 1

    On your four-page Florida Traffic Crash Report, you’ll find the basic information pertaining to your crash at the top of page one. This includes the date, time and location of the crash.

    The second section of page one will include information regarding the drivers and vehicles involved. This includes driver names and addresses, insurance information, vehicle descriptions, plate numbers, vehicle identification numbers and damage to each vehicle involved. In addition, police will document the posted speed limit, injuries to vehicle occupants and pedestrians, and alcohol or drug tests administered by police.

    Page 2

    Florida Accident Report page 2

    The second page will include information on factors that led to the crash such as driver actions, vehicle defects, weather conditions, road conditions, sequence of events, and other potential causes. Each contributing factor will have a number code.

    On the bottom section of page two, police will document any traffic violations that caused or contributed to the crash. That includes the name of the violator, Florida statute number, the charge, and the citation number.

    Page 3

    Florida Accident Report page 3

    The third page will include a written narrative of how the investigating officer believed the crash occurred. The narrative may also include information not found in earlier sections of the report such as arrests and statements made by witnesses.

    The next section of the third page will include passenger information, additional violations, witness contact information and if any parties were treated or taken to a hospital.

    Page 4

    Florida Accident Report page 4

    On page four, you’ll find the illustrated diagram of how the investigating officer believed your crash occurred. If you have a difficult time understanding the diagram, our legal team can go over it with you.

    Click here to download a printable version.

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