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Unsafe Stairwell Conditions

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You're in a shopping mall in Florida at night. Or maybe a parking garage in the afternoon after a rainstorm. You're walking down the stairs in a stairwell. It's dark. Or perhaps the stairs are wet. Or the railing is loose. Suddenly, you slip and fall down the stairs and sustain a serious injury.

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    Now you need medical help. You're confined to a hospital bed for several days. You can't work for several weeks. Bills pile up fast. And none of this would have happened if the property owner had simply taken better care of the stairwell.

    We understand what you're going through. That's because our Florida premises liability attorneys have handled many cases involving injuries due to unsafe stairwell conditions. That's why we want to meet with you at the Law Offices of Brent C. Miller, P.A. in Central Florida.

    Common injuries

    Falling down the stairs often results in serious injuries. Some of the most common injuries we deal with at our law firm involving people injured in stairwells include:

    • Head injuries
    • Back injuries
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Broken hips
    • Broken arms or legs

    Whatever type of injury you're dealing with, no matter how serious or minor it might seem, make sure you talk to an experienced attorney at our firm as soon as possible.

    Common causes

    Stairwells in office buildings, schools, parking garages, hospitals and department stores sometimes become the scenes of serious accidents and even assaults. This is especially true when there are hazardous factors such as:

    Unsafe stairwell conditions are the responsibility of property owners or managers. Third parties such as maintenance companies may also be liable. A premises liability lawyer working for you can help determine what happened, who was responsible and recommend a dollar amount that will adequately cover your losses (including pain and suffering, if applicable).

    At the Law Offices of Brent C. Miller, P.A., our attorneys apply lessons learned over more than 75 combined years in law practice on behalf of injured people. Rest assured that if there was negligence and if there is liability, we will find it and put it to use in your case.

    When unsafe stairwell conditions lead to injuries, contact our law firm

    If we take your unsafe stairwell accident case, it will be because we believe your injury claim or lawsuit will be well-documented and justifiable. We prepare every case as if for trial, which means that we consider a hypothetical jury as we prepare documentation of evidence. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation regarding your accidental injury in an unsafe stairwell.

    From our law offices in Tavares, The Villages, Clermont and Inverness, our Florida premises liability lawyers often make house calls and visit potential clients in hospitals and other convenient locations. We put your interests first at our law firm.

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