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Imagine you are walking through the aisles of a large grocery store in Florida. You are scratching items off your list as you gather the necessary ingredients. You carefully maneuver your cart to accommodate the traffic of people and other carts.

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    Suddenly, you step in a puddle of tomato sauce, lose your balance, and fall to the floor. You sustain a severe neck and spinal cord injury, causing you to be paralyzed for a month. You are unable to work. You lose wages. You have an array of medical expenses. You experience much pain and suffering.

    Unfortunately, you have experienced a slip and fall accident. What should you do now? Contact an experienced Florida slip and fall accident attorney. We can help you file a successful claim or slip and fall lawsuit and receive the financial compensation you deserve. Our experienced slip and fall lawyers at the Law Offices of Brent C. Miller, P.A. can help you every step of the way. Schedule an appointment at one of our four Central Florida offices in Tavares, Inverness, The Villages, or Clermont.

    Slip and fall accidents are becoming increasingly common

    Many sources indicate that slip and fall accidents make up roughly half of all premises liability claims. In other words, slip and fall accidents are extremely common. Many innocent people have been injured (or worse) due to unsafe and dangerous conditions influencing slip and fall accidents.

    Not only does this mean that many people are suffering due to negligence, but many property owners and professionals are not adhering to basic safety protocols. When this happens, we will do everything we can to hold them accountable for their actions or lack of action.

    Causes of slip and fall accidents

    Slip and fall accidents are caused because of hazardous environments. Below are the most common factors that contribute to slip and fall accidents:

    Common slip and fall injuries

    Slip and fall injuries vary. While some may be minor, others may be severe. Young children and the elderly have a higher likelihood of getting badly hurt. Below are the most common injuries that result from slip and fall accidents:

    • Concussions and other serious traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
    • Neck and spinal cord injuries
    • Severe scarring, bleeding, or bruising
    • Muscle and knee injuries
    • Broken/fractured bones
    • A sprained ankle or sprained wrist

    If you have experienced an injury due to a slip and fall accident, you should contact an experienced slip and fall attorney to file a successful claim and receive compensation for your general pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.

    Determining liability in "slip and fall" cases

    Slip and fall settlements are not easily delivered. Often, thorough research and investigation by an experienced slip and fall lawyer are necessary to prove that someone is responsible for the accident. Because many people act “reasonably,” that is, acting in a cautious and common-sense manner, many slip and fall claims are unsuccessful. While people should exercise a general sense of care when on the property of others, property possessors and corporations are responsible for slip and fall accidents if they:

    • Knowingly disregarded or failed to correct a hazard, defective product, or spill
    • Failed to inspect the property for unsafe conditions thoroughly
    • Failed to properly label and warn property guests and consumers of spills, hazards, wet floors, etc.
    • Failed to follow basic safety protocols

    What to do after a slip and fall accident

    If you have experienced a slip and fall accident, the first thing that you should do is remain calm. It is frightening to experience a fall, but you may overwhelm yourself if you overreact.

    Next, you should seek medical attention to gain a diagnosis and the necessary steps to heal and recover.

    Then, you should report the incident to local authorities and the company. Gather and exchange contact information (including witnesses).

    Next, collect and retain as much evidence as possible. Take photos of the place in which you fell and take pictures of your injuries. Preserve your clothing in a plastic bag. You should also keep records of your medical visits and any time you may have to spend away from work.

    Finally, you should contact a slip and fall attorney for assistance with filing a claim.

    How long can a slip and fall case take?

    There’s no set time limit on how long your slip and fall case will take to resolve. However, like many legal cases, the complexity of your case will often determine how long it takes to build a strong legal argument in support of your injury claim or slip and fall lawsuit.

    Remember that you must take legal action before the statute of limitations expires. This is the legal term for the deadline to take legal action. In Florida, the statute of limitations to file a slip and fall lawsuit or take other legal action is generally two years from the date of your injury.

    But if you wait that long to start the legal process, you might have difficulty building a strong slip and fall case. Evidence needs to be gathered as soon as possible after an accident. Witnesses who saw what happened might move away or forget.  

    Aggressive slip and fall accident lawyers in Central Florida

    Our Central Florida slip and fall accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Brent C. Miller, P.A., have seen all sorts of slip and fall cases. We know what evidence to look for and what strategies work best for such complex cases. We will go above and beyond to prove liability and get you the benefits and compensation that you deserve, whether negotiating a settlement or filing a slip and fall lawsuit on your behalf.

    Put your trust in us. Contact our law firm and schedule your free case evaluation right now. We have four Central Florida offices conveniently located in Tavares, Inverness, The Villages, and Clermont.

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