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What Is Personal Injury Law?

At the heart of personal injury law are concepts of negligence, liability and shared risk pools. Personal injury laws can provide a safety net for people who have been injured in accidents caused by others' negligence. The law provides a remedy for someone who has been wronged — and harmed as a result. In practical terms, it is often the negligent parties' insurance coverage that provides the financial support needed to cope with injuries and losses.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Central Florida

Specifically, Florida's laws enable someone to pursue compensation from negligent parties after being injured in a car accident, having slipped or tripped and fallen on unsafe stairs or slippery surfaces, suffering swimming pool accidents or being injured on premises with unsafe lighting or lack of proper security. Central Florida attorneys at the Law Offices of Brent C. Miller, P.A., are available to evaluate injury cases and prepare claims and lawsuits. You also have the right to hold accountable medical personnel who have harmed patients through medical negligence, also known as medical malpractice.


We can assume that sooner or later, some people will suffer serious injuries. We also know from experience that in a great many cases, accidents are in fact the result of someone's carelessness or failure to warn or take reasonable precautions. A personal injury lawyer is specifically trained in methods of determining who was responsible and presenting evidence of negligence to claims adjusters, judges and juries.

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