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    What is considered a catastrophic or serious injury?

    A catastrophic injury is an injury that is so severe that it significantly decreases an individual’s quality of life. After experiencing a catastrophic injury, an individual may develop a permanent condition or disability that prevents him or her from being able to work. He or she may also require supervision and assistance with basic everyday activities, such as walking, bathing, sitting and in some cases, breathing on one’s own.

    Common catastrophic and serious injuries include head trauma, spinal cord and brain injuries, bone fractures, organ failures, paralysis, severe burns, and neurological disorders. Because of the extreme and devastating long-term effects that catastrophic and serious injuries may have on a victim and his or her family, it is best to contact a catastrophic injury attorney as soon as possible. You may be able to pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault (responsible) party.

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    What steps should I take after experiencing a serious injury?

    • Seek medical services and records. The most important thing that you should do after experiencing a serious injury is acquire the assistance of a healthcare professional. Request and obtain a thorough physical and mental health examination. Be sure to maintain records of these medical experiences. This includes transportation services to and from medical appointments, X-rays and other laboratory reports, diagnoses, prescription drugs and treatment plans. These types of records are crucial in serious and catastrophic injury cases because they prove the severity of your case.
    • Obtain financial records. Serious and catastrophic injuries prevent individuals from being able to work and participate in basic activities. Do your best to obtain records that illustrate expenses that you are required to pay in order to survive and function with your disability. You should also gather records that indicate time away from work and applicable wages lost.
    • Contact us. With the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, you can pursue a lawsuit that may result in a grand settlement to cover your economic and noneconomic fees, as well as account for the needs of your dependent family members.

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    Who pays for my medical bills after a serious injury?

    If your case wins, the individual or entity that is responsible for your serious or catastrophic injury, or their insurer, will be mandated to pay your medical bills.

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    Is a lawyer necessary after a catastrophic injury?

    Yes. Catastrophic injuries are much more complex than more minor personal injuries. In order for your lawsuit to be successful, you will need someone to advocate for you in a manner that is aggressive and effective.

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    How exactly will a personal injury lawyer assist me if I am seriously injured?

    By relying on the services of our local personal injury law firm, you will obtain numerous benefits after a serious or catastrophic injury that you may not be able to receive otherwise. A personal injury lawyer can:

    • Inform and remind you of case updates and deadlines
    • Keep you knowledgeable about your rights and entitlements
    • Litigate on your behalf during negotiations, private meetings and court proceedings
    • Investigate your case and accident
    • Find experts and witnesses to bring forth statements that support your case
    • Consider your unique needs during representation, as well as the needs of your dependent children and spouse
    • Ensure that your settlement amount is fair, favorable and worthy of the long-term effects that you will face
    • Help you appeal the court's decision (if your lawsuit is unsuccessful)

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    Is it possible to file a lawsuit after a serious injury?

    Yes. In fact, we recommend that you file a lawsuit as soon as possible after experiencing a serious or catastrophic injury.

    Catastrophic and serious injuries harm more than just the individual who suffers the disability. Children, life partners and other dependents are also faced with a lifetime of overall loss. Our  attorneys recognize this, and we will do everything within our legal power to guide you through a lawsuit.

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