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A Florida Attorney Discusses Rollover Car Accidents

Florida auto accident attorneyImagine: one minute, you’re driving on the I-4. The next minute, you’re upside down and may even be ejected from your vehicle. This is reality for victims of rollover car crashes. These accidents are scary, deadly, and more common for central Floridians who drive an SUV or truck.  

Rare but deadly

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) explains that rollover accidents are when a vehicle tips onto its side or roof during any part of a crash. These accidents are rare but can be deadly as passengers are often ejected or partially ejected from the car. Rollovers only account for 1% of all car accidents, but those accidents cause about one-third of all car accident deaths. 

How they happen 

The IIHS lists these as the main causes of rollover accidents: 

  • Tripped rollovers: As a car loses control, it slides sideways and strikes a tripping object (such as a curb, guardrail or uneven ground), causing it to roll over  
  • Frictional/Untripped rollovers: When the driver turns at a high velocity or sharp angle 
  • Flipped up: One side of the car is suddenly flipped up by a guardrail or ramp or when the car falls down a hill  
  • Multiple vehicle crash: The force of a car hitting the side of another car can cause the struck vehicle to rollover. 

Roughly 75 percent of rollover deaths occur in single-vehicle crashes, and over half of the people killed in a single-vehicle crash were involved in a rollover. 

Big vehicles, big risks

The height of SUVs and trucks makes many drivers feel safer. However, when it comes to rollovers, these vehicles are much more likely to experience these deadly accidents, especially SUVs. The IIHS reported that in 2016, 47 percent of SUV fatalities and 43 percent of pickup truck fatalities were in vehicles that rolled over. By comparison, only 22 percent of sedan fatalities involved rollovers. 

There have been advancements in stabilizing technology that has made newer SUVs and trucks safer than previous models. However, the growing trend of consumers purchasing SUVs in lieu of regular cars may put drivers at an increased risk. If you were hurt – or a loved one was killed – in a rollover accident, call the Law Offices of Brent C. Miller. We are familiar with the dangers of SUVs and can provide crucial advice in the aftermath of a rollover crash.  

Whether it’s an out-of-state driver who veered you into a tripping object, or a common SUV design defect that led to your accident, Attorney Brent Miller and his team are here to help. Call now to schedule your free consultation. 

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