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Your focus should be on recovery following a car accident

Getting into a car accident with another driver is stressful in and of itself, even if the only damage was to your vehicle. But if you do experience a serious injury, the trauma that you experience can be mental as well as physical: Dealing with insurers, missing time from work, losing income even if you have short-term disability available, doctor and hospital visits, and wondering how you are going to pay all of the resultant medical costs can take a severe toll emotionally.

What may be even more stressful is if it becomes necessary to pursue a legal claim against the other driver; if his or her negligent or reckless conduct behind the wheel was the cause of the accident. You may find that the other driver’s recollection of events is starkly different from your own; he or she may even blame you for what happened. You could even find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

Recovering from an injury can be a full-time occupation. You may find yourself facing long-term rehabilitation, or even short or long-term disability. It may be possible that your ability to fully enjoy routine life activities can be permanently compromised. The last thing you need to be concerned with is the details of navigating through the legal process; you have much more important matters to see to.

At our firm, based on our years of experience in handling personal injury claims arising out of accidents, we understand that if you are seriously hurt then you can benefit from having legal representation on your side. Our focus is on dealing with the insurance companies and the attorneys for the other side, and seeing that your interests are vigorously represented, your claims zealously advanced and your reputation upheld.

You may have many questions if you have been involved in an injury-causing car accident. We can help you to find answers, beginning with a visit to our accident webpage on our firm’s website. It contains several links to specific information, as well as details on how to contact us if you need to find out more.

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