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What Are the Deadliest Types of Roads in Florida?

Florida car accident on highway

A recent nationwide study has identified that certain types of roads in Florida are more prone to fatal car accidents than others. This study categorized states based on five different criteria to determine which ones have the most dangerous roads.

So, which types of roads are the most dangerous in Florida? How common are collisions on other types of roads in Florida? And have accidents become more common in Florida in recent years? Here's what drivers need to know.

In Florida, fatal crashes frequently occur on state highways

Traffic safety experts conducted a comprehensive nationwide study on behalf of MoneyGeek to assess the most dangerous road types in each state. This study utilized car accident fatality data from 2019 to 2021, sourced from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Among the road types scrutinized in the study were state highways, classified by MoneyGeek as high-speed roads maintained by the state. Shockingly, out of the 8,409 car accident fatalities recorded in Florida during the period mentioned above, a staggering 33.6 percent of all car accident deaths occurred on state highways, making them the deadliest type of road in the state.

How common are car accidents on other types of roads in Florida?

In addition to state highways, the recent MoneyGeek study classified car accident fatalities in each state into four other road types, shedding light on Florida's car accident fatality rates:

  • U.S. highways: Accounting for 26.3 percent of Florida's car accident deaths, these high-speed roads maintained by the federal government were a significant contributor to the state's fatalities.
  • Local streets: A noteworthy 7 percent of car accident fatalities occurred on local roads with speed limits ranging from 20 to 45 mph.
  • County roads: Comprising 4 percent of the fatalities, these roads are maintained by towns or municipalities.
  • Interstate highways: Notably, 11 percent of motor vehicle accident deaths occurred on highways connecting one state to another.

Car accident fatalities on the rise

Although certain road types in Florida did not rank as the most hazardous nationwide compared to other states, it is critical for Florida officials to maintain a vigilant stance in reducing statewide car accidents. This urgency arises from the concerning trend of steadily increasing car accident deaths, a pattern that has persisted for nearly every year since 2013.

To illustrate, between 2013 and 2021, Florida witnessed a staggering 55.5 percent rise in car accident fatalities, with the number of deaths climbing from 2,403 in 2013 to 3,738 in 2021. This data, derived from the NHTSA's annual car accident records, underscores the pressing need for enhanced safety measures within the state.

Exploring the root causes of Florida car accidents

The alarming surge in fatal car accidents in Florida raises a critical question: What are the underlying causes behind this troubling trend? According to data compiled by the NHTSA and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), several key factors have contributed to this situation. Over the past decade, between 2012 and 2021, the number of car accident fatalities increased in the following four areas:

  • Pedestrian fatalities – 71.2 percent increase.
  • Bicycle fatalities – 58.8 percent increase.
  • Drunk driving deaths – 43.7 percent increase.
  • Speeding fatalities – 6.8 percent increase.

What to do if you were injured in a crash

Don't underestimate the complexity or the severity of your car accident claim. Even if your accident initially appears straightforward, be prepared for the possibility of the other driver attempting to shift blame onto you or encountering resistance from insurance companies.

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