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Sheriff's deputy injured in Florida car accident

A Florida sheriff's deputy has been hospitalized following a car accident, according to information from the Florida Highway Patrol. Troopers with the patrol say that the serious car accident occurred at an intersection at approximately 6 a.m. as a sedan pulled through the intersection. The 61-year-old driver of the vehicle told investigators that his traffic light was flashing red at the time. A second driver, 45, also entered the intersection, forced to swerve in order to avoid the first vehicle. The second driver told police that she had a green light.

As the second driver swerved by the second, her vehicle slammed into the front of the deputy's patrol car. The collision caused glass to spray into the deputy's eyes, leaving him with serious injuries. Upon the arrival of emergency response personnel, the deputy was transported by helicopter to the Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment. At last report, the deputy's condition was still unavailable to the media.

The driver of the second car also sustained injuries. While they were deemed non-life threatening, the driver was still taken to a nearby medical facility to be treated. The first driver, whose vehicle was not struck in the crash, was escaped the accident unscathed. Police ticketed the man for failing to yield to the second driver.

The deputy told investigators that he remembers seeing a flashing yellow light at the time of the accident. Investigators have suggested that the accident may have occurred right when the lights switched to their daytime cycle. During the night, the light at the accident site is programmed to flash yellow and red until 6 a.m.

And the fact that the police officer was on duty may make it harder for him to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, the second driver could seek to hold the driver who caused the accident accountable for her injuries.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, "Osceola deputy hurt in crash," Henry Pierson Curtis, Jan. 19, 2012

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