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Public transportation accidents can lead to complex litigation

Ask most people what "public transportation" is, and in many cases you will receive one or two answers, usually related to mass transit, such as busses. But when you think more deeply, it can be surprising to remember how many different kinds of public transit there are. There are taxis, trains, commercial air carriers, shuttle services, and more. They all share at least one thing in common; most of them lack practical safety features for passengers. This can make being involved in an accident as the passenger of one of these means of transport potentially dangerous.

Instances of bus drivers texting while driving, or drivers being under the influence of alcohol or drugs are common enough that most of us can probably recall hearing about one fairly recently. Even alert, well-trained and sober drivers, conductors and pilots can still get into an accident as the result of unusual weather or other conditions, and it is always possible for the most defensive of these people to run afoul of other careless individuals: drunk drivers and even careless pedestrians can cause accidents that involve public transit.

If you are injured in an accident while a passenger on public transportation, the legal issues that you may face can be different, and potentially more difficult, than you might otherwise deal with in an accident in which you were driving your own vehicle. Issues of causation, possible agency liability or third-party liability can make your case more complex to pursue; you may find yourself in a situation with multiple parties having claims and counter-claims against one another that can affect your claim as well.

Our attorneys at the law offices of Brent C. Miller are experienced with these and other issues related to public transportation and other commercial vehicle accidents. We know how to take on cases that can involve complex settlement negotiations, discovery and litigation so that your need for injury compensation is given the respect that it, and you deserve. If you need legal help after being in an accident connected with being a passenger on public transportation, call us for a free initial consultation. We can come to you or be available on evenings or weekends if necessary.

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