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How much time do I have to sue a negligent truck driver?

A police investigation into the cause of a truck accident usually begins as soon as the first officer arrives on the scene and begins talking to the participants and documenting the personal injuries and property damage. Getting details about the operation of the vehicles involved in a trucking accident can become difficult as time passes and memories fade.

All states have laws limiting the time within which someone suffering a personal injury in a truck accident or multi-vehicle crash must file a lawsuit for damages. The Florida statute of limitations is similar to laws in other states in recognizing that it might take time for the seriousness of an injury to become apparent. In other cases, an accident victim's injuries might be so severe that it could take time to recover enough to be capable of making the decision to pursue a claim for damages.

The statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit for personal injuries related to a trucking accident in Lake County and throughout the state is two years from the date of the accident. An individual who waits beyond the two-year period before filing a lawsuit against the negligent party or parties responsible for causing the accident may lose the right to do so.

Placing a time limit on the accident victim to get the legal process going might seem unfair. The truth is that both sides can benefit when a truck accident investigation takes place while memories are fresh and before evidence is lost or destroyed.

The law pertaining to the time within which a lawsuit must be started can be difficult to understand, and can involve complex rules in how it is calculated. Not filing a lawsuit in time could mean the loss of an injured person's right to compensation for pain and suffering and medical expenses. An attorney is probably the best source of legal advice about the effect of the statute of limitations on a specific case.

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