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Florida woman dies in stolen pickup after driver hits semi truck

Obeying the laws of the road can help prevent tragic auto accidents. How you use the road can sometimes be the difference between life and death. But combining negligence on the roads with another crime can make an already dangerous situation even worse. A recent accident which resulted in one man’s arrest and the death of a young woman is an example of such a tragedy.

The 22-year-old woman, who had just moved to the area from Florida, was the passenger in an allegedly stolen truck driven by a 28-year-old man. According to the police, the pickup drifted onto the shoulder of the road where a disabled semi truck was parked. The pickup hit the semi’s trailer causing the fatal car accident.

The female passenger died on the scene. The driver was treated at a hospital and released. He was charged with unauthorized use of the allegedly stolen vehicle and could face other criminal charges due to the death of his passenger.

When someone chooses to commit a crime like stealing a vehicle, a bad choice has already been made. But when the crime is compounded by negligent or reckless driving resulting in an accident, as may be the case in this recent crash, the consequences can be tragic. While many accidents are unavoidable, there are many that are caused by the unsafe and irresponsible decisions of others.

Negligent driving affects every motorist on the road as well. Drivers who fail to observe the rules of the road and do not operate a vehicle safely may be liable for compensation to persons injured or killed as a result of their traffic violations or other related crimes.

Source: KATU, "Police: Woman killed when stolen pickup hits semi," May 20, 2014

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