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Florida car accidents result in deaths and a separate DUI charge

A recent incident in Florida involving four vehicles that were involved in separate two-car crashes offers some insights into the dangers of driving at excessive speed and drunk driving. In addition, it addresses the possible consequences when an allegedly drunk, distracted, negligent or reckless driver causes a car accident.

Recently, a young woman traveling at a high speed through an intersection approximately two hours from Tavares, Florida, smashed into another vehicle as it crossed her path. Both drivers died as a result of the impact, one at the scene and the other at a hospital. Neither vehicle had passengers.

As police were investigating the fatal accident, another vehicle came upon the scene. It plowed through several traffic cones and crashed into an unoccupied patrol car at the intersection, which had been parked there to block traffic. The driver of the newly-arrived car was arrested for driving under the influence. Although no one was injured, had the circumstances been less fortuitous the allegedly drunk driver could have caused a much more serious car crash, considering the number of people who were out of their vehicles on the scene.

In a situation like this one, in which a car accident that is fatal to both drivers, even though neither direct participant can file a lawsuit it may still be possible for the surviving relatives of one deceased driver to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the estate of the other to seek compensation.

Given the potential complexity of such a claim in which both parties to a collision were killed, it could be very helpful to seek the advice of a legal professional who can advise family members of their legal options.

Source: Florida Today, “Two killed in Wickham-Eau Gallie crash, DUI arrest made,” Rick Neale, August 4, 2014

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