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Florida car accident kills pregnant woman

A pregnant woman is dead after being struck by a car that plowed into the hotel in which she was staying with her husband. The couple had won a trip to a South Florida marriage conference through their church and had decided to remain in the area for an additional day of vacation.

According to police, the serious car accident occurred as a 34-year-old driver lost control of her vehicle upon reaching a turn in the road outside the hotel. This caused the woman's car to veer off the road, blast through a fence and hit the hotel. The impact caused two support pillars to fall. The victim was in a bathroom inside the building when the car struck. Both the woman, who was seven months pregnant, and her unborn child died at the scene. The woman's husband, who was in another restroom during the accident, sustained minor injuries.

Police say the driver was transported to a nearby medical center to be treated for minor injuries. She spoke with detectives about the crash, but has been unable to offer any helpful information. She could not recall the crash, a detective explained.

No charges have yet been filed in the case, but police are still conducting an investigation. They say that if the accident becomes a criminal matter, they may ask for toxicology data from the hospital that treated the driver to determine whether she might have been intoxicated at the time of the accident.

But intoxicated or not, the couple should not have had to fear dying in a freak accident such as this. They should have expected to be safe on their trip, and no one deserves to have happen to them what happened here.

Source: Miami Herald, "Pregnant woman killed by car had won trip through church," March 20, 2012

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