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Beware of delayed injury symptoms after a crash

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It's common for people to feel perfectly fine after a car wreck. An injury is often the last thing on their mind, as they feel the frustration or shock that comes with being in a car accident.

When the police arrive and ask if anyone needs medical help, those involved don't always report injuries at that time. In many cases, people who feel fine after a crash will experience neck pain, back pain, headaches or other discomfort days later.

Why are some injuries delayed after a crash?

We often see delayed injury symptoms for two reasons:

  • Some injuries can take several days to develop symptoms: These types of injuries may include whiplash, injuries to the spine, soft tissue injuries and even some mild traumatic brain injuries.
  • Adrenaline can mask the pain of an injury: Some more immediate injuries may not be as noticeable immediately after a crash due to the shock that naturally occurs. In fight or flight situations, the body produces adrenaline, which can mask physical pain. Pain and discomfort may set in after the adrenaline wears off.

Beware of the arguments made by insurance companies

When delayed injury symptoms occur, it can put crash victims in a tricky situation. That's because insurance companies use the fact that an injury wasn't reported at the scene of the crash as leverage to downplay a car accident claim. If you noticed any pain or discomfort days after the crash, then decided to get medical attention, they could argue that you waited too long or that your injuries are exaggerated.

Insurance companies don't often play fair. They are good at using your word against you when you pursue a car accident claim. They are also good at finding ways to downplay or deny your claim. It all comes down to how much money they can save.

Why get immediate medical attention after a car accident?

It's important that you seek immediate medical attention. Your doctor may catch an injury early on and before it has a chance to get worse. Your doctor can also provide documentation directly linking your injuries to your crash.

Maybe you were already in a crash and waited until you experienced pain before getting medical attention. It's still not too late to pursue a claim. The best way to get started is to speak to an experienced Florida car accident attorney who can piece together a strong and accurate claim and advocate for complete compensation for your losses.

To get started on your claim, contact the Law Offices of Brent C. Miller, P.A. and schedule your free consultation. We serve clients in Tavares, The Villages, Inverness, and Clermont, Florida.

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