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Why Florida is the Most Dangerous State for Pedestrians

Florida auto accident attorneyThe advocacy group Smart Growth America recently examined accident statistics from across the US to determine which states had the highest rates of pedestrian accidents. Florida topped the list. From 2008-2017, roughly 50,000 people lost their lives when they were hit by a car while walking around Florida.

That’s more than 5,500 people every year. Approximately 656 of those accidents were in Orlando alone. Of all the US Metro areas listed in the report, the top six most dangerous metro areas were all in our state.

Roads that favor vehicles over pedestrians

According to the report, most accidents occurred on roads that were designed more for the convenience of vehicular traffic than the safety of pedestrians. These roads were often wide, with multiple lanes of traffic in each direction and higher posted speed limits. These roads also lacked proper crosswalks and other safety features designed for pedestrians.

This is one of the reasons there are still so many accidents. We are still designing roads with cars in mind, not pedestrians. These roads are “dangerous by design,” according to the advocacy group. We need to adjust our way of thinking and building, to ensure that our roads are safer for pedestrians, as well as vehicles.

Another key factor to this rate of accidents involves the speed limits in our state. It’s a fact that the faster a car travels, the more devastating an accident would be.

"The likelihood of surviving a crash decreases rapidly as speeds increase past 30 mph,” according to the group.

We deserve to be safe walking down the street

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