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Considerations when filing suit against trucking companies

If you are involved in an automobile accident In Florida with a commercial vehicle, you may discover the meaning of the old adage, "Size does matter," and not just with regard to your passenger vehicle versus a truck when it comes to property damage and personal injury.

Filing suit against a commercial defendant can have positive and negative results. On the positive side, especially if you have suffered significant injuries, a commercial defendant is more likely than an individual to have financial resources from which you can receive money damages: either within the business itself, in the form of cash and material assets, or through its policy of commercial insurance.

On the potentially negative side, however, a commercial enterprise is more likely than you as an individual to have the ability to afford to go to court. What is more, one of the reasons why businesses exist as legal entities separate from their owners is to provide a legal shield against liability. One way this shield can operate is to make it difficult to identify who and what within the company may have contributed to causing the accident.

For example, you may need to determine whether the driver of the commercial vehicle was an employee or an individual contractor. You may also need to access company records concerning how its vehicle was maintained prior to the accident as well as what training the driver may have received or if he or she might have been negligently hired without regard to a poor driving record. All of this can take time and resources.

Fortunately, at the law offices of Brent C. Miller, not only are we experienced in dealing with business defendants but we also operate on a contingency fee basis. What this means for you is that we will know how to carry forward your legal claim against a commercial vehicle company, and we also will not become a burden to you financially in the form of legal fees.

Initial consultations with our firm are free of charge. See our truck accident webpage for more information and to find out how to contact us by telephone or online.

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