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Car accident victims are not always riding in vehicles

There is a poem that begins with the memorable line, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” What most people do not remember is the next line: “Why, then the war would come to you!” In a similar sense, people may feel safe from being involved in a car accident when they are sitting inside a building, but as a recent fatal incident from Cape Coral shows, that is not always a safe assumption.

Three patrons were sitting at a table in a billiards hall when a pickup truck being driven by a man who was allegedly drunk at the time crashed through the wall and into them, killing one and injuring another when they were pinned between truck and a bar in the establishment, as well as injuring the driver of the pickup.

There may be times when you cannot anticipate, not to mention prepare for a car accident that can leave you with serious injuries or even result in the death of a loved one. But what you can do in the aftermath of such an event is to seek compensation from the person or the company that was responsible, be it in the form of an action for personal injury or in the more unfortunate cases for wrongful death.

An experienced Florida plaintiff’s personal injury law firm can help you to understand what your legal remedies may be, and to investigate the accident in light of the applicable law to make sure that all of your potential claims are included when it comes to settling with an insurer or going to trial.

Source: News-press.com, “Victims identified in fatal crash at Cape Coral billiards hall,” Ben Brasch, Michael Braun, July 21, 2015

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