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Body of Florida pedestrian killed in car accidents identified

Police have identified the body of a Florida pedestrian who was killed after being hit by multiple cars on a Florida highway. Investigators with the Florida Highway Patrol announced that the woman was struck by several cars as she was walking along Interstate 75, but have not yet determined why none of the drivers stopped after hitting her.

The woman's body was taken to a medical examiner's office after police discovered the accident scene. An FHP representative reported that it "was a grisly scene," explaining that the woman's body was spread across all three northbound lanes.

He added that traffic was backed up for miles as officers on the scene completed a three-hour investigation. Although a driver's license was found, police were not able to definitively match it to the woman, requiring them to check her fingerprints before being able to confirm her identity.

Police reported that the woman checked into a hotel two days before the accidents. When she remained in the hotel after failing to pay for a second day, hotel staff called the police to remove her. The woman then checked into another hotel near where she was killed. Two officers discovered her body the next morning.

Officers found her hotel room key on her body. Police searched the room, and her car, which was parked at the hotel, was towed away. Police have not revealed whether any significant information was obtained during the search of the woman's hotel room.

Pedestrians have virtually nothing to protect themselves with if they are involved in a car accident. As this tragic story shows, pedestrians are often seriously injured and sometimes even killed if hit by a car. Hopefully this story and the many other pedestrian accidents that occur on Florida roads will encourage drivers to keep a careful watch out for anyone who may be walking near a road.

Source: Dailycommerical.com, "Body on highway identified," 8 July 2011


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