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Bare Tires on Slick Roads Spell Trouble For Drivers

Florida auto accident attorneyIt takes nearly 90 feet more than usual to stop a car on slick roads with worn tires. This might not sound like too far, but those 90 feet can mean the difference between an accident and just a close call. 

The American Automobile Association (AAA) reports that traveling on wet roads at a high speed with worn-out tires can increase a driver's stopping distance by 43 percent.

The difference a second can make

Megan McKernan, manager of the Automotive Research Center at the Automobile Club of Southern California, has seen the difference that increased stopping time can make on the road. “If tested side-by-side at 60 mph,” said McKernan, “vehicles with worn tires would still be traveling at an alarming 40 mph when reaching the same distance it takes for vehicles with new tires to make a complete stop.”

What is more, if a car with bare tires attempts to stop on a road that is slick with water, the tires can lose contact with the road and hydroplane. When a car is hydroplaning, the driver can no longer control it, as the tires are rotating on top of standing water instead of on the road itself.

There’s a very simple test to determine whether or not your car needs new tires: stick an upside-down quarter in between the grooves on your tire. Washington’s head should be partially obscured by the tire grooves. If you can see all of Washington’s head above the tread of the tire, then your tires need to be replaced.

Be proactive about car maintenance

Tires are the one part of your car that keeps constant contact with the road. Because of this, they are likely to wear out before any other part of your car. As with all car maintenance, we must be proactive when it comes to tire care.

Check the tire pressure and tread regularly. Take a moment whenever you stop for gas to make sure that everything is in proper working order. Taking just two minutes out of your day can mean the difference between replacing your tires on time and a tire blowout on the freeway.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident caused by improper car maintenance, such as worn tire treads, call the Law Offices of Brent C. Miller today for a free case consultation. 

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