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How A Lawyer Can Help

Many people who have been injured or suffered losses because of others' negligence hesitate to contact an attorney right away. Some tend to assume that hiring an attorney will cut into any compensation they receive. They assume that a lawyer's fees will stand in the way of their receiving all that they deserve and can recover after an accident.

How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

In fact, however, studies have shown that even after taking into account lawyers' fees, injured people who hire attorneys still net more than those who attempt to settle without legal counsel. Skilled personal injury lawyers have extensive training — and experience — in essential elements of a successful personal injury claim, including:

  • Gathering witness statements
  • Initiating accident reconstruction investigations
  • Developing theories of negligence and building evidence and arguments to support those theories
  • Effectively organizing and responding in a timely fashion to voluminous medical bills and insurance company forms
  • Advising injured people on the next steps after each phase of recovery approaches an end: how to choose a medical provider, how to get help from social workers when planning a future with temporary or long-term disabilities
  • Preparing evidence to present to insurance claims adjusters, judges and/or juries on behalf of the injured

Has an insurance company advised you not to work with an attorney?
Consider the source and the possible conflict of interest!

In its purest form, personal injury law offers protection for the injured by holding negligent parties responsible. In practice, however, injured people also typically need protection from abuses of insurance companies even after negligence has been established. An attorney's advocacy is often essential to achieving the goal of recovering full, fair compensation from a negligent party's insurer.

Insurers readily issue policies and collect premiums, but when a meritorious claim is made, the same insurers have become increasingly focused on putting up roadblocks along the way to payout of compensation. They may require unreasonable amounts of paperwork. They may claim that an accident was a result of a victim's weakness of some kind, ignoring the obvious negligence of the liable party.

It is no longer enough to simply get a claims adjuster or judge to say that someone was at fault after a car accident or slip-and-fall accident and then collect from insurance. Fully effective personal injury representation often requires lawyers to push back when insurance companies are difficult to deal with.

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