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Florida Has More Senior Traffic Deaths Than Any Other State, Report Says

More seniors are killed in traffic accidents in Florida than in any other state, according to a recent report by TRIP, a national transportation research group. In a nationwide analysis of traffic deaths, the study revealed that 271 drivers age 65 or older were killed in Florida in 2010. Texas, the runner-up for senior traffic deaths, had 224.

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    Not only are more seniors dying in Florida car accidents than elsewhere, but they are involved in more fatal car accidents overall than other age groups. According to the TRIP report, 503 people were killed in Florida in crashes involving drivers over the age of 65. Texas came in second once again with 397 fatalities arising out of crashes with senior drivers.

    Baby boomers reaching retirement age

    Florida's high rate of senior traffic deaths and car accidents is only likely to grow worse as baby boomers continue to reach retirement age. Because of improvements to lifestyle, health care and education in recent decades, experts expect baby boomers to live longer and stay active for a longer portion of their lives than previous generations. Consequently, seniors are expected to continue driving further into old age than their predecessors.

    By the year 2030, state officials expect one in four Florida drivers to be age 65 or older, according to a recent article in the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Today, the number of senior drivers in Florida is closer to one in five. Unfortunately, however, Florida's transportation system may not be equipped to handle the coming influx of elderly drivers without a corresponding increase in traffic deaths.

    Unfamiliarity may be a factor

    Compounding the risk of accidents is the fact that many seniors move to Florida from other parts of the country and may be unfamiliar with the roads and traffic laws in the state, as the president of Floridians for Better Transportation told the Sun Sentinel. The group is advocating for updates to the Florida transportation system to accommodate the growing numbers of seniors in the state.

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