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A central Florida lawyer gives guidance on seniors and car accidents

Struggling to change lanes and slower reaction times are among issues that arise for some senior citizens after a certain age. U.S. News & World Report found that no one-size-fits-all answer applies to the emotionally charged question of whether there is an age limit for drivers. Seniors are individuals, which means some continue driving well...

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Why Florida is the Most Dangerous State for Pedestrians

The advocacy group Smart Growth America recently examined accident statistics from across the US to determine which states had the highest rates of pedestrian accidents. Florida topped the list. From 2008-2017, roughly 50,000 people lost their lives when they were hit by a car while walking around Florida. That’s more than 5,500 people every year....

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A Florida Attorney Discusses Rollover Car Accidents

Imagine: one minute, you’re driving on the I-4. The next minute, you’re upside down and may even be ejected from your vehicle. This is reality for victims of rollover car crashes. These accidents are scary, deadly, and more common for central Floridians who drive an SUV or truck.   Rare but deadly The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) explains that rollover accidents...

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How Your Body Suffers During a Crash: A Florida Attorney Weighs In

Automobiles are designed to prevent drivers and passengers from sustaining severe or fatal injuries. However, they can only do so much. Dr. David Logan, senior research fellow from Melbourne’s Monash University Accident Research Center, detailed some of the serious injuries sustained by people in crashes for studentedge.org. It’s not pretty. In a frontal collision or...

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Distracted Driving Liability in Autonomous Vehicle Accidents

Uber’s fleet of self-driving cars made headlines when one car struck and killed a pedestrian who was crossing the street with her bike in Arizona. Although the car was autonomous, there was a driver behind the wheel in order to take control of the car in just such circumstances. Evidence gathered in the investigation showed...

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